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Printing and design company in Singapore, we provide pritning services in full colors.
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Online printing services in Singapore - Tuck Mei printing company
Printing products and works like digital and offset printing, catalogues, newsletters, annual reports, flyers, folders printing Printing and design services for calendars, postcards, posters, packaging boxes, cards, vouchers and labels. Full colours printing for notebook, diaries, letterheads, invoices, production froms, envelopes, stickers, delivery order forms.
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Tuck Mei Printing company provides full colour printing services. We specialize in providing offset printing and digital printing services in full colour.

We have a lot of experience in printing a variety of brochure, catalogues, flyers, folders, newsletter, calendars, postcards etc.

Some of our popular full colors products are:

brochures printing, corporate brochures printing services in singapore, offset and digital printing, full color printing  

Make an impact with quality brochure printing that boasts rich, true-to-life full custom printed brochure. Company brochure provides valuable information to your customers and introduces them to new products and services. Most importantly, inexpensive and easy to create colour brochure can attract new customers to your business and do wonders for the bottom line.

We offer a variety of paper stocks, sizes, and panel options for brochures printing, so you can say exactly what you want, how you want - at a resonable price.

Brochures, Catalogues, Newsletters, Flyers, Folders, Invitation Cards, Menus & Folded Cards
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are a smart idea when you need to give your customers lots of information on your products. Catalogs allow for images, detail descriptions, customer testimonials everything you need to market your product effectively. Our printing services can handle your catalogue printing needs with accuracy and a timeliness that is certain to impress everyone, regardless of offset printing or digital printing.

We offer the following services that you might find helpful as you plan your next manual, booklet, or catalogue printing:
- Index tabs
- Full-service bindery department
- Optional full-color front and back covers
- Color copy pages to be inserted
- Design and document creation
- Landscape orientation / short side binding                  Top
  catalogues printing, corporate catalogues printing services in singapore, offset and digital printing, full colors printing
newsletters printing, corporate newsletters printing services in singapore, offset and digital printing, full colour printing  

have become a very popular way for successful businesses to tell their stories and a great way to keep your clients, employees, students, tennants, vendors, investors and just about anyone else involved in your business, up to date with current events. With the ability to handle print jobs ranging from a distribution of 500 to infinity, Tuck Mei Printing can design, print, and distribute your multi-page booklets all under one roof.

You just have to provide us camera-ready artwork, digital files, or pre-printed shells from your home office that need to be personalized. We provide many production options for newsletters and can offer a solution for every budget and deadline requirement.

Annual Report

After spending countless hours researching, writing, and preparing your report. Let us put your effort into making it look as good as it sounds.

If you need your annual report to be printed in one color or full color, we can handle it! We can even collate the pages, insert custom index tabs, and spiral, comb, velo, tape, or wire bind it for you.
  annual reports printing, corporate anuual reports printing services in singapore, offset and digital printing, full colours printing

flyers printing, corporate flyers printing services in singapore, offset and digital printing, full color printing

Flyers printing is a fantastic and fast way to get a message out to many people using rich, full color and premium materials for maximum impact while managing our budget.  This particular type of communication has been used for years and years. One reason it has been so long-lived is that it works. Just as importantly, flyers printing is one of the most affordable means of getting your message out. When compared to other types of communications, the price difference can be dramatic

While cost is important, production quality is imperative. If your project is poorly produced, it could result in it being ignored altogether. If your audience does not take the time to consume your message, you have wasted time and money. Fortunately, Tuck Mei printing takes your works and effort seriously.

Unlimited paper stock options are available in our printing services. We have nine standard sizes plus the option of custom trimming are available. Eight folding options for your choices to meet your requirement.


Custom file folders or presentation folders are an excellent way to enhance your corporate image. Whether you use them in your own office or as a presentation folder for your corporate collateral, a full-colour, custom printed file folder increases the chances that your materials will wind up in their filing cabinet instead of their trash can.

Presentation folders are one of the most practical and polished way to distribute your company's printed materials.

You can be proud to distribute your company's printed materials when you use presentation folders. Whether you use them for conference handouts, product literature, business proposals, or press kits, presentation folders will serve to promote and enhance the professional image of your company.
  folders printing, corporate folders printing services in singapore, offset and digital printing, full colors printing

calendars printing, corporate calendars printing services in singapore, offset and digital printing, full colour printing

Customised full colours calendars printed with your logo and business information are a great way to stay top-of-mind. Despite in the world of PDAs and desktop planners, paper calendar still remains a staple in many offices and households. Moreover customized calendars can be used for a variety of purposes like keeping track of important dates in your family (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.), or business (corporate planning, staff meetings, etc.), and they make great gifts or giveaways.

We can design the whole calendar for you in-house. Just provide us with any dates specific to your recipients, text, images and any concepts you have in mind and we will produce a suitable design for your project. Calendar with a professional look that will help you to build up your company image whether to display it at home or in the office.


Postcard is one of advertising's best-kept secrets. Often overlooked, postcards are in fact a powerful and inexpensive way to reach your audience. Postcards are easy and so cost effective to print. Postcards often convey the first impression a new client will have of your company. Be sure to make the right first impression with a professional, well established postcard printer like Tuck Mei Printing services.

Postcards can be printed in several different sizes and formats.

  postcards printing, corporate postcards printing services in singapore, offset and digital printing, full colours printing
posters printing, corporate posters printing services in singapore, offset and digital printing, full colors printing  

Create a bold impact and attention grabbing statement with vibrant display posters! Poster printing is one of the most challenging types of printing. A special event or a new product, large, full-color posters from Tuck Mei Printing will get your message across affordably, of course!

Eight standard poster sizes, with custom trimming option available in our poster printing services. Full-colours printing on one or both sides on your choice. Folding options are available - turn your poster into a map or even an oversized brochure.


Invitation Cards / Menus
Invitation cards reflect your corporate identity. On the most basic level, we print basic black on white paper. For those interested in making a really terrific impression, we offer a variety of impressive services including full-color printing, embossing, foil printing, lamination (Matt / Gloss), hot stamping, folding, spot UV etc.
  invitation cards and menus printing, corporate invitation cards and menus printing services in singapore, offset and digital printing, full colour printing
vouchers and tickets printing, corporate vouchers and tickets printing services in singapore, offset and digital printing, full colours printing  

Vouchers / Tickets
Meal tickets, drink tickets, or vouchers are a great way to promote the concessions of your event.

Tuck Mei Printing print all kinds of voucher tickets. Vouchers and tickets are available in full colour or single colour. They can be cut to shape, supplied in sheets or booklet form.


Packaging Boxes / Inserts
Create a bold and unique packaging box / inserts for your products. A beautifully designed box not only increase the whole image and value of the products, it will also increase the sales. By using our expertise in offset printing for packaging box, we can handle all kinds of box design and print, according to your expertations.
  packaging boxes printing, corporate packaging boxes printing services in singapore, offset and digital printing, full color printing
notebooks and diaries printing, corporate notebooks and diaries printing services in singapore, offset and digital printing, full colors printing  

Notebooks / Diaries
Everybody uses memo and notepads, so why not have some printed with your company's name on them? Personalized memo and notepads are great for internal use within your company, and they make terrific giveaways for clients, too. We can design, print, cut, and pad high-quality memo and notepads for you.

Notebook / Diaries printing is a versatile format that can be used to meet a multitude of needs. Brochures are powerful tools, but when you need to convey information of a sizable amount or in greater detail the notebook printing format can meet every need.

Notebook or diaries for special events graduations, weddings, concerts, auctions, etc. leave spectators with a memento of the occasion and also provide an opportunity for sponsors to advertise. Dramatically increase product exposure with a notebook featuring your entire inventory.

A complete brand identity package always includes letterheads. Invoices, receipts, or any formal correspondence should always be printed on company letterheads so your customers will know who sent them a letter. Our printing services offers letterhead printing so your logo and contact information are delivered to your customers in bright, vivid color. Printing your letterhead in full color enhances your brand identity and reinforces your marketing message. Differentiate from typical one or two color letterhead by simulating a custom watermark, adding a design to the back side, or anything else you can dream up.

We provide full-service design and print solutions for corporate letterhead. We can help you design a creative letterhead that is part of a larger corporate identity, or print from your existing artwork.

  letterheads printing, corporate letterheads printing services in singapore, offset and digital printing, full colour printing
invoices and delivery orderss printing, corporate invoices and delivery orders printing services in singapore, offset and digital printing, full colours printing  

Invoices / Delivery Orders
Generalized forms give you all the basic and standard layouts you need to provide accurate records of products and stocks.

In addition to general forms we also carry a terrific selection of custom invoice forms in large and small sizes to handle industry specific work orders.

Whether you have a small business or large company you will be processing invoices, purchase orders and shipping forms so the more organized you are the easier it is to keep tabs on all the paperwork. Rather than rely on post-it notes and scribbles on scrap paper outfit your accounting department with a great collection of invoice forms to handle all your accounting needs.

The invoices are usually made with the carbonless (NCR paper) paper because, the seller is required to give one copy to the buyers and the other copy should be saved in record.


Computer / Production Forms
Using production forms will help you increase efficiency and cut costs by having a standardized way to collect and share information. We can produce your forms in 2-part or more parts in the following formats:

Continuous Forms. Continuous forms are designed to go through a printer. They can be either dot matrix forms, pin feed forms, fanfold forms or continuous cards.

NCR Forms. NCR forms are carbonless forms. When you write or print on the top form, the text appears on the copies below.

Manual Forms. Manual forms are business forms printed on pads and are generally used by your staff in the field. They are just like NCR forms but are not in the continuous form format.

Full-Color Forms. We can print all your business forms in full color if you wish.

Tuck Mei Printing can print invoices, receipts, purchase orders, estimate forms, bills of lading, or any kind of specialized from you need. Our talented staff can even help you create the kind of business form you need.


computer and production forms printing, corporate computer and production forms printing services in singapore, offset and digital printing, full colour printing
envelopes printing, corporate envelopes printing services in singapore, offset and digital printing, full colours printing  

Want to increase the chances of customers opening your direct mail? Custom envelope printing that includes your logo and corporate identity is proven to dramatically improve read rate of direct mail. Customers are constantly flooded with junk mail which means you need a way to make sure your mail can be identified quickly and easily. Whether you are advertise through direct mail or simply need to communicate with your current customers, keep these envelope printing principles in mind.

A custom printed envelope enhances and reinforces your brand image.  It conveys a professional and uniform look to your business correspondence, and greatly increases the chance that your customer will read what's inside.


Paper Bags
We can design and print many different sizes and shapes of paper bags. These can range in format from the most basic paper bags to complex designer paper bags, featuring full-colors images whether it be for food products or industrial applications.

Our goal is to provide our customers with quality packaging with high-class quality and gorgeous color effect. To enhance your image and promote your company name, our graphics experts will work with you to develop a design that compliments your corporate identity.

Outside of the paper bags can be gloss laminated, spot UV, UV vanish, hot stamping or gloss vanish to make it strong and durable. Paper bags can be custom printed with your company colors and design.


paper bags printing, corporate paper bags printing services in singapore, offset and digital printing, full colours printing
stickers and labels printing, corporate stickers and labels printing services in singapore, offset and digital printing, full colours printing  

Stickers / Labels
Stickers are available in full colour or single colour. They can be cut to shape or supplied in sheets.

Create and print customised stickers and get exactly what you want from a custom printed sticker. We can produce normal sticker or fade-resistant and water-resistant, stickers on gloss adhesive-backed vinyl in a variety of sizes that can last up to 2 years!

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